V.A. / 『Japan 3.11.11: A Benefit Album』

[song list]
01. Giga Dance (Live) (Deerhoof)
02. Pappas Tant (Love Is All)
03. Alike (Opiate Remix) (Efterklang)
04. Big Man (Birthmark)
05. Brass Palms (Kit)
06. Video Killed the Radio Star (Shugo Tokumaru)

07. Vicious Bears (Asobi Seksu)
08. Sorry (Caithlin De Marrais)
09. Moving (Alright)
10. Guest List (Owen)
11. Pequod (Pele)
12. Living Forever (Take Care)
13. Ordinary Day (Toe)
14. Hyunhye's Theme (Acoustic) (Xiu Xiu)
15. American Flags (David Bazan)
16. Want (XBXRX)
17. Too Many Shoes, Not Enough Feet (Midstress)
18. The Wisdom of Insecurity (STRFKR)
19. Sex Karma (St. Vincent Remix) (of Montreal)
20. London Zoo (Casiokids)
21. Same Socks (Lizard Police)
22. Steady (Demo) (Joan of Arc)
23. A Moment in Energy Transfers (Common Loon)

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