Rie Yoshihara / 『Oh, What a wonderful day!』

[song list]
1. Rise and Shine
2. Yamawarau
3. Yum Yum
4. Ants in my pants / Rie Yoshihara x Shugo Tokumaru
5. Mummy's tummy
6. Have a nice nap!
7. To buy the gloves
8. Black sheep or white sheep
9. Ooakubi
10. May I have some more cookies?
11. Shiinomi korokoro / Rie Yoshihara x Shugo Tokumaru
12. I'm all ears
13. The old clock from the old man
14. How was your day?
15. I am a night owl
16. Baddy-bye

【CD / NCP-33】
Novel Cell Poem