Mist tr-1

In front of my blurry eyes, I am cutting with scissors
The east is burning, a butterfly's wing
Layered colours, darkness is waiting?

What are you thinking in your heart?
What are you feeling in your heart?

Red is emerging in the sky

Melt into the morning, melt into the cloud
Melt into the white, melt into the morning
Melt into the mirror, the body melting away
Melt into the room, the body melting away

The pieces of the town cut out by scissors, are disappearing

The wind arrives in the meadow
Drawing a spiral, I can see the words

[Nb/ The fourth and fifth lines literally say "with your back" rather than "heart." The Japanese refer to knowing what someone is really thinking/feeling by looking at their back.]

Mushina tr-2

Because of the humid summer, the old signs
flake off rust though they're still not completely red

The runaway kid with a key in his fingers
rattles it along the fence, the rust comes off again

A perfect night, a perfect summer
it was too perfect, clouding our vision

Now the summer has gone and the old sign
rusts away, it's duty finished

A cold night arrives,
the key cannot be separated from frozen fingers

After the humid summer, the realization of
sleeping alone on the seashore

Mizukagami (Water Mirror) tr-3

Ride on the wind a while
It's impossible to reach that far
When the scenery starts to colour [autumn arrives]
Tried to stand up, but tripped over and fell

Looking at the rolling waves
Waving water mirror shadow [reflection shimmering in the water]

Your eyes gazing at the seashore
are absent, the wind cries here
there is mist in the morning, layers of the sea sounds

The ship sounds are forgotten and no anchor ever lifts
If you say you saw a blue star in the red morning
It is never clear whether it is the truth or not
Ask the wave that will not return.

Vista tr-6

Through the speckled dirty skylight
Watching falling branches flutter down
In a white room, the stereo is rocking and rattling
Turning back while knocking at the closed door
Then being chased and casting things away

Struggling in the dead fenced cage
Being reflected in the cracked mirror
Sleeping in the midst of crumbling bricks
In the corner of a burnt down street

As the night peeled away
I saw a picture through blurry eyes
Falling asleep with no umbrella
In a town with falling ash
Landing like piled up screws

Amayadori (Rain Shelter) tr-9

Waiting under the shelter of the bridge
For it to clear up
I had a wonderful dream
About that time with you

We couldn't make a pledge by pinky promise, could we?

To tell the truth, I wish it wouldn't clear up
With no time to rest, like a hurricane going past

We couldn't make a pledge by pinky promise, could we?
I was looking through a pure white album with no photos inside
We couldn't make a pledge by pinky promise, could we?
We couldn't make a pledge by pinky promise, could we?

[The phrase "pinky promise" is used to take the place of a Japanese _expression that children use, in which they pledge to cut off their little fingers (or eat a thousand needles) if they break their promise. The literal translation would be "cut finger."]

English translations by Yoko and Mieko Edwards and Gareth Shute.

...traslations from NewZealand Edition of "L.S.T.".
some of songs never tlansrate to English.
also, we are looking for someone can translate "Night Piece".